Contents of Modules

– LoadData : Loading the data modules from EEG equipment(Brain Product, Emotiv).
– Preprocessing : Pre-processing modules in EEG data such as band-pass filter, grand average and so on.
– TCPIP : Communication modules for communicating between EEG equipment and computer.
– Function : Function modules are basic algorithms to Deepened algorithms for feature extracting the EEG data.
– Training : Training modules are for making classifier using the training data set.
– Evaluation : Evaluation modules are calculating results of classifier output using test data.
– Online : Online modules are related real-time EEG data processing function.
– Visualization : Visualization modules for plotting the features of EEG data in time-frequency domain or time-spatial domain.
– Paradigm : Paradigm modules are making the MI, SSVEP, P300 paradigm function.
– Option : Option modules are setting optional functions in previous functions.
– GUI : GUI modules are for analyzing the EEG signal base on graphically.